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The calculator below will help you determine how much you car has depreciated in value since purchased. You can also predict what the value of your car will be in several years.

To use this auto depreciation calculator:

   --- In "Car Price," enter the price you paid for your car when you purchased it.

   --- In "Yr. Old When Purchased" enter how old the car is now. Only use whole numbers and decimals. For example, two years = 2, three years six months = 3.5. If the car was a new car purchase, enter 0.

   --- In "Age of Car At Time of Estimated Value," enter the car's age (in years) at which you want its estimated value. Example: If you want the car's value when it is six and a half years old, enter "6.5."

Do not use commas.

Car Price

Yr. Old When Purchased (0 for new)

Age of Car at Time of Estimated Value (in years)


Car Depreciation

Estimated Value

    --- The estimated depreciation of your vehicle car, 'Car Depreciation', from the time it was new, until the age at you requested calculation of the probable value.
   --- The 'estimated value' of the automobile is the value of the car for the age you specified.

**New cars depreciate the second they driven off of a dealer's lot. Learn more about new cars.

Auto Loan Calculator


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