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Below are some excellent tips that will help you save money on fuel. In addition to the advice below, we also recommended applying for a gas rebate credit card. Every time you use your gar rebate card to buy gas, you will receive credit towards your credit card account.

 -- Make sure that you tires are always properly inflated. Tires that are not inflated to the correct pressure, will cause wear on the tread of your tires and will also waste gas. A good idea is to also make sure the alignment and balance of your tires are correct.

  -- Service your car regularly for routine maintenance and engine tune-ups.

  -- Get rid of any excess junk in your car that may be causing your car to be weighed-down. A heavier car will cause you to burn more gas.

  -- Fill your car up with the lowest octane (grade) gas for your car.

  -- Many gas stations will charge extra if you choose to use your credit card to pay. If this is the case, pay in cash.

  -- Never top-off your gas (fill it to the top). Topping off your gas will result in gas being lost as a result of spilling over the top.

  -- Be a smart driver. Don't floor it when the light turns green. Don't rev your engine either. This will only cause you to waste gas.

  -- Drive at a slow, steady pace. Did you know that you can save two miles per gallon if you drive the speed limit and not the ten mile cushion (65 mph in a 55 zone).

  -- Do not warm-up your car for an excessive amount of time. You should avoid warming up your car for no more than one minute, even in cold weather. Anything more is a waste of gas.

  -- Do not drive with your left foot rested on the gas. Even the slightest pressure will result in a resistance that will require more gas. This will also cause your breaks to wear out quicker.

  -- After putting gas in your car, make sure your gas cap is on tightly. Gas can evaporate even if your cap is slightly loose.

  -- Purchase a car that is fuel efficient.

  -- Use your air conditioning wisely. Meaning, if you are on the open road, have your windows open. Also, windows should be open if you are stuck in traffic.

  -- Take snow tires off after the winter season. Snow tires tend to be larger and heavier, resulting in more fuel being used.

  -- Find a gas station that offers the cheapest prices in town.



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