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Getting Into an Accident
Accidents are a time of distress. It better to know everything there is about your policy before anything unfortunate happens. This way, you will be able to handle your incident as seamless as possible. Also, there are some procedures you should follow when you get into an accident.

After speaking to a loved one, your insurance agent should be the first person you contact after you get into an accident!
Keep in mind that most carriers will only allow you file an auto accident claim within 48 hours from occurrence.

After you get into an accident, start keeping records!
When you get into an accident, try and document everything! Including time, place, weather, name and personal information of other party, what kind of car there were driving and what kind of injuries and damage was done to all partied involved.

Once your claim is initiated, keep records of all phone conversations and make sure you keep all of your receipts!

Don't wait to get estimates!
Getting different prices on what it will cost to fix your car will only help speed up your claim.

Don't leave anything out of your loss estimates!
The best thing for you to do would be to contact your state insurance department to find out what you are entitled to claim. What you can and can not claim is different in every state, but the same for all the insurance companies of your state.

Be persistent! But not offensive!
Getting a claim settled timely, and in full, is not easy. You are likely going to have to be on the phone more than you want to be. If a claim is not settled to your liking, compare what was offered and what is written in your policy. Also, enlist your agent to help you. Both of you can make phone calls to the claims department of the carrier, requesting an explanation and a re-review. Please note that you will get better responses and results if you talk and act to everyone involved in a professional manner.

If you are still not satisfied, you can file a claim with your state insurance department. You can also consider going into arbitration. You will pay half of the costs involved, but will be able to get results much faster than if you decided to sue your carrier in court.

A last resort would be to sue the carrier.

We also feature a section devoted to educating consumers how to obtain affordable car insurance rates.



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