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A recently conducted national survey found that teens talk on cell phones, speed, sing and even dance while driving. This is a major problem, but unfortunately comes as no surprise. What can be nothing more than having some fun, can often become a life-or-death decision while driving.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm Insurance Co.  surveyed a total of 5,600 high school students. They were alarmed by the amazingly high number of kids that said their peers are multitasking in unsafe ways when behind the wheel. 49% of those surveyed said peers will drive after drinking alcohol, while 54% play handheld games and/or send text messages and 80% sing and dance.

What's more, 95% said that they have witnessed peers riding with passengers acting wildly by dancing, singing or just bouncing around. 90% reported seeing teen drivers speeding recklessly.

The national fatality rate for teen drivers is approximately four times higher than the rates for drivers between the ages of 25 to 69, he said. In Philadelphia, the state where the survey was conducted, 193 people between the ages of 16 and 20 died in crashes in 2005, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

AAA preparing to release a PowerPoint presentation for parents on the 10 deadliest driving mistakes for teens and how to avoid them.

Most of these mistakes are a result of inexperience and bad vehicle control, not wearing seatbelts, having unruly passengers, messing with radio knobs, Those mistakes, born of inexperience and poor car control or training, include not wearing a seat belt, taking risks and overall poor judgment.

Awareness has to be raised no matter how good of a driver a teenager thinks they are. The bottom line is that teens are inexperienced and need to be taught safety before its too late.



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