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Getting ready to buy a new Honda Accord? Are you really happy about your new car purchase? Perhaps you really want to buy a luxury car, like an Infinite or a Mercedes, but you don't think you can afford one. There are options!

Did you know that buying a certified pre-owned luxury car that is coming off a lease is a good buy, monetarily and mentally? In fact, because of the appeal of certified pre-owned cars, more and more people are buying used cars for the first time.

A certified pre-owned vehicle is a sensible purchase
Typical interest rates for used luxury cars are not much higher than new ones. For example, someone with good interest can expect to receive an interest rate of 7.5% for a 36-month used car loan. While new car loan interest rates for a 36-month loan are 7.25%. That is a difference of .25%, which is not much. 

Take into consideration that new cars depreciate very quickly. So, the original owner of the vehicle will take the hit for depreciation when you buy a new car coming off of a lease. Luxury cars coming off leases also tend to have low mileage and are well-maintained.

Buying a luxury car can be good for your mid as well. Having a fancy car is liking wearing nice clothes. It makes you feel good. APPLY NOW!

There is no shortage of luxury used cars
Did you know that more than 65% of new luxury cars are leased? Also, many luxury cars are leased for employees of businesses. Usually, businesses do not buy back automobiles when they come off of leases. In general the buy back percentage of luxury cars compared to mid-range cars is less. For example, in 2005 45% of Hondas were kept after lease conclusion, compared to only 30% of Mercedes. 

Certified pre-owned cars come with great warranties
Most cars that are purchased after a two year lease will still receive coverage from a manufacturer's warranty. In fact many cars will offer something like a 4 year warranty or 50,000 - 60,000-mile warranties. However, even though warranties are provided, you still want to follow the basic tips for ensuring you buy a car that is in good, all around condition.

When a car is pre-certified it means that the vehicle was put through a wide-range group of inspections and reconditioning designed to upgrade the car to new car standards.

Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is an option that needs to be considered when looking to finance a used car. The benefits of buying a certified pre-owned vehicle are similar to the advantages of buying a new car.

Learn more about how buying a used car can save you money.

Let us help you secure your used car loan!
Star Loan Services will provide you with the most competitive rates for certified pre-owned vehicles!




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