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There are several different kinds of warranties, all of which offer different types of coverage. New car owners are eligible for bumper-to-bumper coverage, which covers everything mechanical in your vehicle. While used car owners can purchase stated component coverage or power train coverage.

Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty Coverage
These types of warranties are for new cars, and are known as new car warranties. This  is the most complete coverage you can buy and is only available for vehicles with less than 50,000 miles. The coverage is so extensive that the policy will only list items that are not protected, otherwise known as 'exclusionary items'. Bumper-to-bumper warranties typically will also offer extras like roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, free towing, etc..

Stated Component Coverage
Commonly known as inclusionary coverage. This type of policy will cover the major parts of your vehicle and is available for new and used cars with moderate mileage between 50 - 100k.

These policies will list all items covered or included in the warranty; for this reason it is called an “inclusionary” policy. Some stated component coverage policies will offer the same 'extra' coverage as bumper-to-bumper auto warranty plans.

Power Train Coverage
This is the simplest form of auto warranty coverage, only offering coverage for the car's  power train. This includes the transmission, engine, drive shift and drive axles. There are enhanced power train auto warranty policies that will offer coverage for additional components and parts.

A power train policy is the least expensive out of all of the different types of auto warranty plans and are for vehicles with high mileage. They will protect you from paying for the most expensive types of car repairs, engine issues.



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