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Below are some simple tips that will lead smart use of your debit card. Related reading includes using a credit card wisely.

-Recognize which type of debit card you have, and inquire whether you have a choice. It is common for banks to change ATM cards to debit cards that do not require PIN without letting their customers know.

-Make sure you keep your ATM card in a safe place, the same as you would credit cards, cash or checks.

-Never leave your card lying around at work or at home.

-In the event that your card is stolen or lost, or you believe it is being used fraudulently, immediately report it to your bank. Have them close the account and request for a new account and PIN from your bank.

-Never throw your debit card transactions receipts away without first ripping them up. It is very common for thieves to 'dumpster dive' for information and documents that have account numbers listed. Get more info about how to prevent identity theft.

-Never write your PIN on your card. In fact, a good idea would be to memorize it.

-Avoid selecting a PIN that can be figured out by a savvy thief, i.e. numbers that correspond with your phone number, birth date ect..

-Keep your PIN to yourself. Never give it to ANYONE!

-Always keep track of how much money you have in your account, and go over bank statements thoroughly.

-Keep in mind that using a debit card may permit you to access money that you have put aside to cover a check that has yet to clear your bank account.

-Store receipts in a place that will allow for easy retrieval and enhanced oversight of your account.

-Never offer your debit card number over the phone, or online unless you are the one that has initiated the call and are positive that the recipient is genuine. Get educated on internet phishing scams.



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