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Is Your Bank Safe? strives at educating the consumer, trying to help them learn how to manage and keep their finances in order. Consumers are not the only ones that need to keep close tabs of their finances, banks do also.

Below, we provide you with a ratings system that will help you quickly and easily determine the financial well-being of a bank, credit union or thrift before you decide to open an account. It is a dependable resource that will help you in your banking decisions. 

Quality can be based on your evaluation of the institutions' capitalization, asset quality, earnings and liquidity, otherwise known as 'CAEL'.

Safe & Sound CAEL types
Capitalization - Determine the amount of assets owned by the company or its shareholders, as opposed to being owned by creditors.

Asset quality - Evaluates all of the loans that make up a bank's portfolio. In particularly focusing on the amount that are risky or delinquent on payments.

Earnings - This is the difference between expenses and revenues. It's the chief measure of a bank's productivity.

Liquidity - This is the measurement of how successfully a bank can meet the demands of the everyday expenses needed for day-to-day operations, including a spike in the amount of cash withdrawals performed by customers.

Obtaining the information needed to determine if your bank satisfies the above criteria may not be easy. You can visit the FDIC website to obtain information that will help you in your evaluation.



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