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Overall Rating:

(4 out of 5)

Benefits Rating:

(4.5 out of 5)

Credit Needed for Approval:

Somewhat established credit needed.

Citi Student Platinum Select

Citi Student Platinum Select

 -- Acceptance at millions of locations!
 -- No minimum income or cosigner required!
 -- Receive big discounts at some of your favorite stores. It's only for students and only when you use your Citi Card.
 -- Free credit education tips and tools to help you control your spending every step of the way.

Interest Rate Intro Rate Grace Period Credit Line Annual Fee


0% for 6 months

20 days



The Citibank Platinum Select Card for Students, is intended for people with a fairly established history of credit.

This credit card offers no annual fee and a 0% intro rate on all transactions for the first six months (a rarity for student credit cards). Cash advance rates are capped at 19.99%. Meaning, no matter how low the Prime Rate falls, the cash advance interest rate will never be less than 19.99%.

As with most Citibank platinum credit card offers, cardholders have access to a wide variety of great benefits including fraud protection services, auto rental insurance, up to $1,000,000 in travel accident insurance, as well as a range of travel and emergency assistance services. **Cardholders can enjoy discounts at participating retailers and merchants.

Most Attractive Features:
  - 0% introductory rate for all transactions.
  - Student-related discounts.
  - No annual fee.

Least Attractive Feature:
  - Minimum APR cap for cash advances.

Some additional benefits the Citi Platinum Select credit card includes:
  - This card is designed to help build good credit history.
  - No minimum income or co-signer required.
  - You can choose to have your photo placed on your card.
  - $0 liability on fraudulent charges.
  - Free online account management and bill payment service.

Important Notations
See website for complete terms and conditions of card usage and application disclosure.

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