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Thinking about applying for a credit card? has outlined some helpful information, detailing the pros of using a credit card for making purchases.

Credit card rewards
Almost every credit card available offers some type of reward for use. Offering freebies is the way credit card companies compete for your business. They will not battle each other by offering lower interest rates. You can accumulate a tremendous amount of credit card 'rewards' if you pay your balance every month. However, if you don't pay your account in full, the amount of money you pay in interest every month will cost you much more than any of the freebies you receive. Check out some great reward card offers.

Some of the more popular types of reward credit cards:
Cash rebates on purchases - Typical annual savings on all purchases are about 1%. At the year's conclusion you will either receive a check in the rebate amount or your credit card account will be credited the sum.

Airline miles - For every dollar that you spend you will receive a frequent flier mile. Your miles are generally worth two or three cents each.

Gas rebates - Get discounts on gas when you use your credit card for fueling your vehicle. Learn more about how to save money on gas.

Store and restaurant discounts - Receive savings at participating stores and restaurants when you use your credit card.

Free merchandise - Many credit cards offer seasonal rewards for card holders.

More advantages of credit cards....

Avoid hassles at the airport - Buying an airline ticket with a credit card is viewed as non-suspicious by the FAA. With all of the threats of terrorism, using cash is looked at as shady and can result in you in being detained and question.

Protection from bankrupt airlines - When you use your credit card to buy airline tickets, you are protected from losing money if the airline goes bankrupt prior to you flying.

Stop payment rights - The ability to stop payment on a purchase is one of the best advantages of making purchases with your credit card. Suppose you buy something on the Internet, and you never receive it or the item is defective, you can contact your credit card company and put a stop payment on the product.

Rebuilding or improving your credit - Whether you have no credit, or bad credit, using a credit card responsibly will help improve your credit rating.  Using a credit card responsibly means making your payments on time every month. This does not necessarily mean paying the balance off in full. But, you should not keep a credit card balance of more than 15% of your available line. Check out some of the credit card offers for people with bad credit we offer.

** Not paying your credit card bill on time will adversely affect your credit rating.

Extended warranty, theft and damage protection - Many credit cards offer added warranty, theft and damage protection on purchases made with the card.

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