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There are so many different types of credit cards, all offering different rates, terms and incentives. Below is some information that will help you choose the most appropriate credit card for your needs.

Do your research!
Most importantly, you should always examine more than one credit card offer and see which will give you the best deals and rewards, with the lowest fees and interest rates.

Do you anticipate carrying a balance every month?
 -- Paying in full every month - If you are not going to carry any credit card balance then you should look into applying for either a credit card with rewards or a credit card with no annual fee. Since you won't be assuming any debt with your credit card, you will not have to worry about the interest rate being offered.

 -- Carrying a balance - If you plan on utilizing some or all of the available credit line your card offers, you should look into applying for a credit card with a low interest rate. The interest rate will be stated as the APR, or annual percentage rate.

** Always make sure you never miss making a credit card payment. If you do forgot to pay one month, your interest rates will increase to the delinquency rates.

How will use your credit card?
Determining how you will be using your card will help you decide what kind of credit card to apply for.

  -- Are you going to be utilizing cash advances from your credit card? - Using your credit card for cash advances means that you will want to apply for a card that offers a lower APR and lower fees for cash advances. It is common for all of the fees associated with cash advances to be higher than purchase APRs. So make sure that you understand what the cash advance APR is and what the purchase APR is.

  -- Do you want a credit card that offers incentives and rewards? - Almost every credit card offer has some types of rewards and perks associated with them. Some popular reward offers are airmiles, cash back, gas rebates and discounts on dining and groceries.

If you plan on applying for a reward credit card, make sure you select a card that offers rewards that you will actually use. Also, most reward cards charge an annual fee.

Learn more about the credit card reward offers we provide.


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