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What kind of credit you have can influence many things in your life, i.e. the car you drive, the house and area you live in, etc.. Your credit history can even influence whether or not you are hired for a job. Your ability to handle your debt and finances can either 'make or brake' many aspects of your personal life. Therefore, knowing how to develop and sustain a positive credit history is extremely important.

Building Credit
Developing your credit is easier than you think. Here are some ideas to get you going:
  -- Put as many utilities in your name as you can. Doing this will help establish a steady history of regular payments with your personal information.

  -- Apply for department store credit card. The criteria for getting approved for this type of credit card is very easy.

  -- Apply for a small personal loan. Making timely payments for an unsecured loan is an excellent way to build credit.

  -- Apply for a credit card. There are many types of credit cards that are designed for people with no credit looking to build credit. We suggest the Orchard MasterCard or the Tribute Gold. Consumers used to be able to build credit by having their names added as authorized user to someone else's credit card account. However, FICO recently eliminated authorized users from the credit scoring formula.

  -- Once you follow some or all of the above suggestions, make sure that all of your creditors are reporting your information to all three of the major credit reporting companies.

Sustain a Positive Credit Rating
Once you build some credit, you must maintain a good credit rating. Any negative marks on your credit report will be listed for seven years and can adversely affect your ability of obtaining any type of new credit and/or loans. Below are some simple tips that will help you keep your positive credit.

  -- Always pay all of your bills on time, every month! This is the most important rule to follow! Doing so will not only build your credit, it will allow you get more credit from future lenders.

  -- If you ever can not make a payment on time, contact your creditors. See if they can extend the due date for that month, or if they can offer you an alternative payment method.

  -- Get a copy of your credit report at least once a year. You want to make sure all of your reported info is up-to-date and precise. This will allow you to catch and dispute any erroneous information early. Get a copy of your credit report now!

Credit Fact:
Buying a used car will not only help you build your credit, you will save money by buying a used vehicle!

Read information about student credit cards and how they can help build credit.


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