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Nowadays, everyone from doctors to financial planners maintain records of your personal information. How can you be certain that a business is keeping your personal data safe?  Identity theft as a result of consumer data being lost by businesses is a rising crime. Below are five important questions that should be asked prior to you disclosing any of your personal information, i.e. date of birth, SSN, address, etc..

Why do you need my information?
It is likely that that your Social Security Number will not have to be kept by any business. See if you can use some sort of different custom ID in substitution of your SSN. It is also possible that you can decline to provide personal information in some instances, i.e. disclosing your phone number when checking out a store.

How is my information going to be used?
It is always a good idea to ask how your personal data is going to be used. Is your social security number going to be used for accessing your credit file? Will your data be sold to third party vendors? By law, any company asking for personal information must give you the option of of opting-out from sharing your non-public personal info with other businesses.


How will are you going to be storing my information, keeping it safe?
Any reputable company should have concrete plans as to how your information will be safeguarded. Find what the business does to ensure computer security? Is a firewall used? Will information transferred online be protected by a secure system? Are file cabinets locked? Who will have access to your personal information?

Has there ever been any sort of security breach within your company?
Some state laws require businesses to disclose if they have experienced any sort of loss or theft of personal information. Find out if their computer system has ever been hacked into or records have ever been stolen.

How are old records disposed of?
Any sort of personal information should be shredded. An identity thief can steal any data thrown out without being shredded. Find out how long your information will be kept before it is destroyed. Is a commercial garbage company used for disposing shredded material?

Don't feel uncomfortable about asking any of the above questions. Any reputable company will have no problem answering your concerns. Data theft from doctors offices, universities, and other businesses is a quickly rising crime. You should do everything you can to protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft.

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