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Credit Reports

Types of Credit Reports:
 -Credit Monitoring System
 -Free Credit Report

Credit Report Basics:
 -Ordering a Report Yearly
 -Common Questions
 -Determining Scores
 -Interpreting Reports
 -Disputing Errors
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Credit Achieving Tips: 
 -Improving Credit Scores
 -Building Credit
 -Re-building Credit

Credit Scoring Blunders:
 -Late Payments
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Identity Theft:
Identity Theft Basics
 -Credit Card Theft
 -Kids & Identity Theft
 -Seniors & Identity Theft
 -Internet Phishing
 -Privacy Questions to Ask

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Lottery winners and professional hackers used to be the only ones that would benefit from lucky numbers. Figuring out codes was a task achievable only by the best criminals. Today, because of the frequent use of passwords and PINS (personal identification numbers), it has become very easy for thieves to steal your identity and money and ruin your credit. Therefore it is very important that you take good care of your personal information and documents. i.e. credit cards, birth certificates, etc.. However, the most important piece of personal information that is commonly overlooked from protecting is your Social Security Number!

Your social security number is very valuable. If it falls into the wrong hands, it can be very damaging! A thief can open up bank accounts in your name, apply for credit cards and even assume your identity by use of your Social Security Number! Identity theft is the most damaging result of someone stealing your Social Security Number. Therefore, taking care of your social security number is very important! Learn more about identity theft.

How can I protect my Social Security Number?
There are several things you can do...
   -- Never give out your Social Security Number to anyone unless you are 100% sure that it is necessary.
   -- Never write your Social Security Number on checks.
   -- Contact your creditors and request to have a different coded group of numbers, or password associated with your account in replace of your Social Security Number.
   -- Get a copy of your credit report once a year to check for illegal activity. Learn more about credit reports.
   -- Order your Social Security Earnings and Benefits Statement every year by calling 1-800-772-1213.

More helpful information related to identity theft:
Dealing With Identity Theft
Preventing Identity Theft
Kids and Identity Theft
Computer Viruses

We feature a great section that will help senior citizens understand credit.



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