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Computer Viruses
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 -- Removing Computer Viruses
 -- Preventing Virus Installations

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Computer viruses have become a very serious issue in the technology world. They can affect anyone that uses a computer, no matter how careful you are. Computer viruses are a form of identity theft, costing consumers millions of dollars every year.

What is a computer virus?
Computer viruses are very similar to biological viruses. Computer viruses are passed from computer to computer, in the same manner biological viruses are spread from human to human.

How does a virus get onto my computer?
A computer virus gets installed onto your computer. How? A computer virus will piggyback another program, that appears harmless. When you install the seemingly harmless program, the computer virus is also installed on your computer.

What happens once a computer virus is installed on my computer?
Similar to biological virus, a computer virus will spread. It will quickly take over your computer, infecting other programs and/or documents. There are different types of viruses, all doing different things. However, the end result for all computer viruses is damage.


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