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Significant life changes will affect your credit. For example, buying a home, getting married or divorced and having a baby are some examples of situations that change your financial situation as well as your credit rating.

Buying a Home
Purchasing a home for the first time will make some pretty major demands on your credit. You will need a decent credit rating to qualify for buying a home. Once your home is purchased, your credit is going to change dramatically. For example, as soon as you start paying your mortgage, you are going to build personal equity, which will help you improve your credit. Also, timely payments will help improve your credit as well. On the contrary, a mortgage is considered to be a big loan and can have a negative impact on your debt-to-income ratio. Learn more about the value of credit and mortgages.

Marriage & Divorce
When you get married, you and your spouse's assets become combined, making both of you more credit worthy. Being married also means more financial responsibilities, i.e. shared debt.

Some things you need to consider when getting married:
  -- Taking your husband's last name. If your change your name, make sure you inform your creditors and the credit bureaus. Doing so will eliminate the chance of losing your credit history.
  -- Develop some credit in your new last name. It is important for women that change their name when they get married to build credit with their new name.
  -- If you have joint accounts, you must make surer that you pay all of your bills on time. Don't rely on your spouse to make payments, even if you have not done any of the charges. If you want your name removed from a joint account, you must contact your creditor.

**Get more info about taxes and marriage.

Having Kids
Starting a family will put great demands on your credit. Often, when kids come into the picture, credit card bills soar as a result of making your home 'baby ready'. But, it is important that you must make sure that all of your credit card bills are paid on time. This does not mean paying the full balances, just making timely payments. This way, your credit rating will remain strong as your kids get older, and become more financially demanding.

The Passing Away of Your Spouse
By law, your creditor/s can not change the terms or close a joint account just because your spouse passes away. It is possible that your creditor will either ask you to update your account or to re-apply in your own name. Then, the creditor will determine whether or not extend your credit or change your credit limits.

Read more about life changes that affect your credit.

Check Your Credit!

Get a snapshot of how one of the major credit agencies is reporting your personal information by buying a single credit report for just $9.99!

The credit monitoring system does not cost anything for the entire first month of membership. As a member you obtain instant access to your credit report from all three of the major credit reporting companies. You will not only learn how to maintain a positive credit rating, but how to spot identity theft

A 3-in-1 credit report will give you a complete breakdown of your credit as reported by all three of the major reporting bureaus.

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