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Payment history is one of the most influential factors in regards to credit scores and as a determining factor for lenders and anyone else that runs your credit. It is very likely that lenders will be less willing to lend to you or will charge you a higher interest rate based on your payment history. Many people are unaware that in most states, auto insurance rates are calculated for the most part by your credit score.

Having a poor payment history can also hurt your chances for obtaining a job. Potential employers are going to look at your credit report, as opposed to your credit score, when examining consumer reports (background checks) to put together a picture of you, especially if you are being considered for a high-level or financial job.

The good news:
The impact of late payments diminishes over time. The formula typically goes like this: One year out, late payments are counted as 94 percent negative, at two years, 55 percent; three years, 32 percent; and by four years it's down to 20 percent negative.

Credit Score Blunders
-Account in Collections
-Court Judgments
-Too Much Debt
-Late Payments





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