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Your credit score has a very big impact on your life. Specifically, your credit score and rating depicts your credit worthiness, which can have a huge impact on you being able to obtain the things you want out of life. Therefore, it is important that you make sure the all of the information present on your report is 100% accurate, and up-to-date. You can achieve this by getting a copy of your credit report at least once/year.

Below are some examples of why it is important to get a copy of your credit report regularly:

Identity Theft Prevention
Did you know that every minute, a crook is stealing someone's personal identity. This means that your social security number and personal information are compromised and used to open up credit card accounts, car loans, and other types of loans and credit.

Typically, identity theft bandits will open up as many accounts as they can, using them as much as they can. If you are a victim of identity theft, your credit will be significantly damaged, potentially for a very long time. It will also take you an extensive, arduous time to clear up all fraudulent accounts so that you are not responsible for the payments.

It is important to get a copy of your credit report once a year so that if you are a victim of identity theft, you can catch it sooner than later. Order your credit report now!

Finding Errors
Are you aware that over 80% of all credit reports have errors on them! 30% of these mistakes are impacting enough to cause the denial of credit!

There are three major credit reporting agencies. They each have different files on you, all with different data. There is a very strong likelihood that one or more of the credit reporting companies will have mis-information about you listed on your credit report. You can learn how to dispute errors on your credit report.

Applying for Loans and/or Credit
If you are in the market for a credit card, car loan, personal loan or mortgage, your credit score can be the main factor in determining whether or not approval should even be granted. In fact, even if you are approved, the interest rates you receive will be influenced by your credit score. Therefore it is important to get a copy of your credit report so that you aware of what your score is. There are ways of improving a low credit score.

Applying for a Job
Did you know that many employers will now review your credit report when deciding whether or not to hire you. Businesses think that your credit score is reflective of what kind of person you are and how responsible you are.

Purchasing Auto Insurance
Auto insurance companies may also review your credit report before issuing a policy to you. In fact, your credit score will not only effect your chances of approval, but will also effect the rates and terms you receive.


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