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Credit card debt can be overwhelming, taking over your life. Below are some simple steps for your to follow that will help you get out of debt quickly!

Cut Back On Your Spending
Eliminate any unnecessary spending. This will allow you to start saving some money for unforeseen emergencies or opportunities that may arise. From this point on, any new credit card expenses that incur should be paid off, in full every month. The little sacrifices you are now making as a result of your spending changes will help you shave much more money off your debt every month!

Make Payments That Are More Than The Minimum
If you only pay the minimum, you are basically only paying that month's interest charges. Pay a little bit more than the minimum every month. Over time, you will see that not only will your overall debt decline, the amount you owe in interest will decrease. If you have multiple credit cards, use the above formula for all, but make the most payments to the credit card with the highest interest rate.

Should I Pay the Credit Card With the Lowest Balance or Highest Rate?
Sometimes it is not possible to pay more on your credit card with the highest interest rate. If this is the case, pay-off your credit card that has the lowest balance first. When this card is paid off, you will have freed up more cash that can be applied to your other, higher interest rate credit cards. Continue this process until you are completely out of debt.

Apply for a Home Equity Loan
If you are a homeowner, you should really consider an equity loan for consolidating debt. Interest rates associated with home equity loans are typically much lower than credit card rates. Also, home equity loans are tax deductible! These benefits make an equity loan a very favorable product for paying off credit card debt.

You will need to exercise some control when utilizing a home equity loan. Any equity loan is like a credit card. As you free up money by making payments, the temptation to spend more will be there. If you fall behind on your equity loan, the bank financing your loan can foreclose on your home. 

Apply for Unsecured Loan for Consolidating Debt
If you are a renter or a homeowner not interest in a second mortgage, an unsecured loan may be your answer. Unsecured personal loan interest rates are also lower than most credit card rates.

Transferring Debt to a Lower Interest Credit Card
A less assertive method of paying off credit card debt is to transfer high interest accounts to credit cards with lower interest rates. As a result, more of your monthly payments will go towards your premiums and not your interest rates. We feature some great credit card deals with low interest rates and attractive introductory rates!

You should proceed with caution when transferring credit card balances. The 0% APR and 0% balance transfer promotions are great! However, be aware of what the interest rate is going to be after the promotion period expires. You don't want to end up with a credit card with an interest rate that is higher than the one you had before.

In conclusion...
Credit card debt is not only a financial issue, it can effect you mentally and it does hurt your credit score. Taking control of your debt will give you a healthy piece of mind and will get you back onto the road of financial freedom with an improved credit score! Learn why the value of a good credit score is very important! Learn more about what you can do to get rid of your debt in 2007!

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