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Debt consolidation is a great option for those that are deep into debt, and don't want to declare bankruptcy. However, just like with anything in life, enrolling in a debt consolidation program has it pros and cons. You need to evaluate both and determine if our debt consolidation program is right for your needs. We suggest you submit a free debt evaluation request. We can analyze your situation and help you determine if our debt consolidation program is right for you. We may have options for you that you are not aware. For example, we maybe able to offer you an alternative to eliminating your debt, like taking advantage of one our mortgage products or applying for a personal loan for consolidating debt.

Pros of Debt Consolidation
The strongest positive factor of enrolling in our debt relief program is that you will not have to declare bankruptcy. When you file for bankruptcy, not only is your credit effected for 10 years, you will have a hard time re-establishing your credit after your bankruptcy is discharged. It will be hard to avoid falling back into debt again if your credit is very poor. Taking into consideration these negative consequences of bankrupcy, the wisest decision would be to avoid it as best you can.

Another major plus of debt consolidation is the amount of money you will save when making your monthly payments to your creditors. We have a lot of experience with negotiating with creditors and will likely be able to lower your obligatory debt amount that you owe. We will also be able to lower your interest rates and eliminate your late fees and penalties. We can likely get your creditors to mark your accounts as current as well. When you take advantage of our debt consolidation services you only have to worry about making one payment every month instead of many. We will make sure that your lower payment is one that you can afford.

As a member of our debt consolidation program, we will teach you about managing your finances and help you learn how to prevent future issues of debt from happening.

Cons of Debt Consolidation
The pros of debt consolidation easily outweigh the bad. The only minor set-back of enrolling in a debt consolidation program is that your credit report will be flagged by your creditors as participating in a credit counseling/debt consolidation program. This is not even really bad. It shows that you are taking the steps you need to get your finances under control.

We offer many alternative to debt consolidation that will help you deal with financial emergencies.

Let us help you make the right decision!


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