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Educating yourself about the different types of home inspections is a crucial part of the home buying process. The various inspections are all different, and sellers are not obligated to pay all repairs.

Termite Inspections
Any home that is being purchased with a mortgage is going to require a certification that the premises are clear of termites. This type of certificate is typically issued by a pest control company like Terminix. This is the only type of inspection that is required by a mortgage company when buying a home. The intent of the inspection is to locate any damage done by termites. If termite damage is found, a termite inspector will obtain estimates for repair and have the work done by a sub-contractor. Normally, the seller is obligated to pay for the repairs needed to the home as a result of termite damage.


Roof Inspections
Having the roof of a new home purchase inspected is important because buying a home with roof damage will result in you having to pay a great deal of money out of pocket. If there is roof damage, you will need to renegotiate the asking price of the home. Or you may have to walk away from the deal if the seller is not willing to negotiate or pay for the roof damage.

Professional Home Inspections
A profession home inspection can discover issues that the other inspection types will not find. At the conclusion of their job, it is common for the home inspection company to offer you a home warranty. A home warranty will cover any issues that arise after the sale of the house. Be aware that these warranties do not cover everything. You will get what you pay for. Meaning, the more expensive a home warranty is, the more protection you will have.

In conclusion, a home inspection is very crucial part when buying a home. Being educated about this topic is smart because it will not only help you avoid making mistakes, but you will also save money when buying your new home!

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