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Do you think your bad credit history is going to hold you back from owning a home? Not when you apply for a bad credit home loan with Star Loan Services! We offer a wide variety of different types of mortgages for people with bad credit! We can even help you get approved for home loans after bankruptcy! No down payments and no income verification needed for many of our bad credit mortgage loan products!

Some of the more popular bad credit home loan products we offer:
 -- Fixed Rate Mortgages - Get a 15, 30 or 40 year fixed rate loan with bad credit
 -- Adjustable Rate Mortgages - Offer lower interest rates and more borrowing power.
 -- Interest-Only Loans - These loans allow you to buy more house with less money
 -- Non-Conforming Loans For those that have difficulties verifying income and assets
 -- Jumbo Loans - Bad credit home loans for more than the $417,000 conforming limit

Why choose Star Loan Services for your bad credit home purchase loans?
We work with over over 500 different mortgage lenders! We will help find you a bad credit home loan that satisfies your financial goals, without putting a strain on your wallet. The typical time frame for closing purchase loans is between 5-7 days. Our mortgage specialists will provide you with personable service from the initial contact to the time you close your loan!

Types of home loans for people with bad credit we offer:
  -- First time purchases
  -- Vacation homes
  -- New Construction
  -- New home loans
  -- Condos / Townhouses

Let us help you make your dreams of home ownership a reality! Apply for a bad credit home loan today and get the financing you need!

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