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On this page we have a wide array of valuable information related to mortgages. This information will be categorized based on topic. If you have any questions or would like to contribute information for this page. Please contact us.

General Mortgage Information:
Mortgage Rates
Understanding Rate-Locks
Fighting the Assessment of Your Home
Determining What You Can Afford
What is PMI?
Financial Responsibilities of Owning a Home
Owning a Home Means Tax Benefits
Homeowner Tax Myths
How Your Credit Report Effects Your Mortgage
Cosigning a Mortgage Loan
    ---Parents Co-signing Student Mortgages
Buy, Don't Rent!
Avoiding Foreclosure
Adjustable vs. Fixed Rate Calculator
Making Home Improvements
Mortgages in 2007!
Understanding How Housing Markets Work
Home Mortgage Application Denial. What Should You Do?
Paying Down Home Mortgage Loans
Managing Mortgages
Subprime Mortgages

Mortgage Loan Types:
Mortgage Loan Types Offered by Star Loan Services
Interest-Only Loans
Fixed Rate Mortgages
Conforming Mortgages: Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac
Piggy-back Financing
Non-Conforming Loans
Jumbo Loans
Bad Credit Mortgages
125% Home Equity Mortgage Loans
Bridge Loans
Florida Home Mortgage Loans

Refinancing with Bad Credit
Is Refinancing Always a Good Idea?
Preparing for Refinancing
Ensuring a Speedy Refinance Process
Refinance Calculator
Adjustable Rate Refinancing
Closing Costs

Refinancing to Consolidate Debt:
Enjoy the Benefits of Refinancing to Consolidate Debt, but Be Careful!

Cash-Out Refinancing:
Pros & Cons of Cash-Out Refinancing
Home Equity Loans vs. Cash Out Refinancing

Home Purchase:
Ensuring a Quick Home Purchase
Bad Credit Mortgages
Effects of Credit Card Debit
Loans for Condominiums
Home Purchase Guide
Pre-Application Preparation
Evaluating the Costs of Homeownership
Buy, Don't Rent!
Student Home Mortgage Loans
Mistakes People Make When Looking For a Mortgage
Understanding the Housing Market
Determining What Fair Market Value Is
Is an Area a Buyer's Market or a Seller's Market?
Question to Ask Before Making an Offer
Making an Offer on a House
Putting No Money Down
Calculating Mortgage Payments
Determining if Your Salary is Enough for the Loan You Want
Home Inspections
Home Warranties
Escrow Accounts
Getting Approved for a Mortgage When Your Wife Has Bad Credit

Home Equity Loans:
Equity Loans vs. Line of Credit
The Downside of Home Equity Loans
125% Home Equity Loans
Understanding Equity Debt
Building Equity in Your Home
About the Equity Loans and Lines of Credit We Offer
Fees & Costs of Equity Loans & Lines of Credit
Understanding Home Improvement Loans
Equity Loan Approval Criteria
Home Equity Loans for Emergency Funds
Tax Benefits
Apply for an Equity Loan or Line of Credit?
Why Use Equity?

Vacation Home:
Choosing a Location
Vacation Home Mortgages
Tax Benefits of Owning a Second Home

Building a New Home:
Finding the Right Architect
Choosing a Builder
Using a Custom Builder

Selling A Home:
How Much is Your Home Worth
Selling During the Winter
Cleaning Up Clutter
Preparing Your Home:
  -Curb Appeal
  -Landscaping Tips

Homeowner's Insurance
Policy Tips
Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cash Value
Finding an Adjuster
Effects of Filing Too Many Claims
Condo/Renters' Insurance
Mobile Home / Manufactured Home Insurance

  --Special Insurance Issues
Consequences of Mold

More Articles on Various Financial Topics
  Car Loan Information
  Debt Consolidation Information
  Unsecured Loan Information
  Credit Report Information
  Credit Card Articles



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