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Many people will look to fix up the outside of their home before anything else. However, the exterior should likely be your last project. The reasons for this being that fixing the inside of your home is going to be easier than the outside and the exterior is more important. Remember, a potential buyer's first impression is going to be from looking at your house from the street, otherwise known as 'curb appeal'. has outlines some helpful tips and advice for you to follow when preparing the exterior of your house.

How does your landscaping compare to your neighbors. If it is looking less than average, try and improve it by adding a few small bushes. Also consider adding some colorful, fully matured flowers. Planting bulbs will be pointless being that it takes over a year before they bloom.

Having a nice looking lawn is probably the most crucial aspect of your gardening. Make sure your lawn is evenly groomed, with fresh edges.  If you have areas that are bare, or dead, lay down some fresh sod. Make sure you water the sod a lot so that it does not die. Get more information on landscaping.

A good idea is to also make sure your property is free of leaves and any debris.

House Exterior
View your house from across the street. Does it look faded and/or run down? If it does, you may want to consider painting. A good paint job is a great investment, literally increasing the offers your will receive by thousands of dollars.

When selecting a color to paint your house, go basic. Don't look to paint with a color that you may like, but others will not. Take a look at the neighboring houses. You want your house to stand out, but for good reasons!  A house painted with an extreme color looks silly and takes away from its value.

If you have a leaky roof, make sure you fix it. By law, you must inform any buyer of any leaks. As a result, you may be forced to replace your entire roof when you don't have to. A new roof is very expensive! If you know that your roof leaks, and you don't tell the buyer, anticipate hearing from lawyers in the near future.


The Yard
Make sure your back yard is clean and organized. If you have a Jacuzzi or a pool, make sure it is well maintained and clean. If you have dogs, make sure that all feces and debris is removed.

The Front Door & Entryway
The entryway to your home should look great! This means polishing the door so that is sparkles. If the door need repainting and/or refinishing, make sure it gets done!

If you have your family name hanging anywhere, take it down. Even if it only present on your mailbox. Buy a new clean doormat. Don't worry about how much this will cost. You can take the doormat with you once you move.



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