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When preparing your home for its sale, remember that you are going to likely need some money for repairs and improvements for your new home. You don't want to invest a tremendous amount of money when fixing up your current home. Also, you definitely don't want to start charging up credit cards, taking out loans or doing anything that can adversely effect your credit score and jeopardize your chances of getting approved for a mortgage. has outlined some inexpensive ideas for making minor repairs to your home.

Plumbing and Fixtures
As a result of not really knowing what to check for in home, potential buyers will likely play with the light switches, flush the toilets, open up drawers and closets. Therefore, having new, shiny fixtures will help make impression.

Clean up your sink and replace the fixtures so that they look shiny and new. If cleaning them does not work, buy new ones. You can definitely find something that is inexpensive and nice. Also, if your faucets leak, make sure you replace the washers.

If there are any water stains, do your best to get rid of them. There are some pretty powerful cleaning solutions, some of which are specifically designed for eliminating water marks.

Ceilings, Walls and Painting
No matter what the cause is, check your ceilings for water stains. Once located, find the cause of the leak and fix it. If a buyer discovers a leak after moving in, there is a good chance they will be contacting their lawyer.

If there is a water stain left after you have made the necessary repairs, do the cosmetic needed to eliminate them, i.e. painting.

Painting may be needed regardless because of either dirt build-up or an outdated color scheme.

Painting your home is easy to do, fairly inexpensive with dramatic effects; making it one of the best investments when selling your home. Choose colors that are neutral. You don't want to choose colors that are dramatic, that some people may not like. A safe-bet would be to paint in white, or off white.

Flooring and Carpet
Having your carpet cleaned by a professional is probably your best bet, unless your carpet looks old and/or smells. If you do choose to replace it, go with something inexpensive and a neutral color.

Fix any tiles that are broken. But don't spend a lot of money. The objective is eliminate as many of the negative impressions that are currently taking away from your home's potential.


Doors and Windows
Check every window in your house to see if you can open and close with ease. Try spraying WD40 on any of the windows that stick. Replace any broken or cracked windows before you start showing your house.

Do the same with doors. Be certain that they open and close without making any noise. Try spraying WD40 on any hard-to-close and/or squeaky doors. Also, make sure the door knobs are easy to turn. You may want to polish them to make them look nice as well.

Controlling Odor
If you are a smoker, you should begin smoking outside so that your home does not smell of cigarettes. It may not bother you, but potential will be turned off by the musty stench.

If you have pets, make sure that you spray your home daily with fresheners. You may not notice a smell, but visitors will definitely smell your pets. Also, cat owners should be cleaning the litter box daily.



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