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Below are some basic benefits of applying for a personal secured loan as opposed to an unsecured loan.

Interest rates
The rates associated with secured loans are almost always lower than unsecured personal loans. This will allow you to save money over the entire life of the loan. The money saved in interest will also allow you to borrow more.


You are guaranteeing your loan
When you apply for a secured loan, you are securing your loan with some sort of collateral. Meaning, if you neglect to make your payments for your loan, you are going to lose whatever property you have put up as collateral. Because of this 'guarantee' of payment, secured loans are much easier to get approved for. As mentioned, interest rates associated with these types of loans are also lower.

Many people are reluctant to apply for secured loans in fear of losing the property they use as collateral as a result of non-payment. Below are a few tips to consider that will help you avoid going into default on your personal secured loan.

 -- Never borrow more than you can afford. If you are not sure what you can afford, we suggest you utilize the personal loan calculator and/or contact us for financial advice.
 -- We offer 'payment protection' plans for all of the secured loans we offer. These plans will take over your repayments if something happens to you that prevents you from making your payments. Often, things happen in life that are beyond our control. 'Payment protection' plans should always be considered so that you can protect your property and more importantly, your family.

In conclusion:

- Qualifications for secured loans are much less strict than they are for personal unsecured loans. The collateral used as a security allows individuals with bad credit histories to get approved for personal loans they need with virtual ease.


- The terms and interest rates associated with secured loans are more favorable than any other type of loan. You will likely be able to borrow more for a longer period of time with when you apply for secured loans.

- A secured loan allows you to free up equity in your home that would otherwise not be used.

- Personal secured loans allow you to borrow money that would normally either not be available or take you a long time to save.

- The secured loans we offer can be used for anything you want! You can buy a car! Pay off debts! Take a vacation! Or for whatever your needs are!



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