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Star Loan Services
specializes in providing the best credit card deals online. We have done all of the research, providing a easy-to-interpret analysis of all the cards featured. You will have no problem finding the right credit card for your needs! Our credit card section is updated regularly, featuring the most current information online.

Getting approved for a credit card with bad credit has never been easier!


Orchard Bank 2% Cash Back MasterCard

Orchard Bank Secured

-- Great for people with bad credit!
-- Get 2% back on every purchase, everywhere - automatically!
-- 100% fraud liability protection
-- Great built-in MasterCard benefits

 American Express Blue

Blue from American Express®

-- Great for people with good credit!
-- 0% APR on purchases for 15 months
-- Low Balance Transfer APR - 4.99% Fixed APR for the life of the balance
-- Free Rewards Program - Earn points redeemable for travel, merchandise, and more

We offer a wide selection of different, low rate credit card deals to choose from!
Some of the more popular credit card types we feature:

Bad Credit Credit Cards - Enjoy the freedom and spending power of credit card even if you have a history littered with bad credit! We feature a variety of credit cards for people with bad credit; all of which have competitive rates and terms. Rebuild your credit today!

Reward Cards - In today's market, there are some many credit cards that offer different sorts of rewards. You can get rewarded for your spending! Some card offer cash back, discounts on gas, hotels, restaurants, clothing stores, etc. while others offer percentage of cash back.

Student Cards - Getting approved for credit card while in college is an excellent means for developing a strong credit rating. A history of good credit will help in more ways than one upon graduation. Good credit will help you get an apartment, obtain low insurance rates, etc.

Prepaid Credit Cards - These types of cards are commonly called stored value credit cards. They provide spending power, but with no risk. There is no credit lines and you can only spend as much money as you put on your card. You can not spend a penny more than what you have deposited. These cards are ideal for those that do not like to carry cash, but do not want to incur debt.

Whether you are looking for a card with low interest rates, rewards, special introductory offers, no annual fees, we have it all! You will most definitely find a low, fixed rate card that gives you the spending power you are looking for! Achieve the lowest, fixed rates obtainable! All of the cards featured offer great deals on balance transfers!

You will have no problem finding a card that satisfies your needs!

If you need help selecting a credit card please contact us. We will help you as best as we can.

Credit Card Tip!
In order to avoid increased interest rates, commonly known as default rates, make sure you pay your credit card bill every month!

Transferring your high-interest credit card balance to a card that has a lower rate will save you money and get you out of debt quicker. Learn some helpful credit card balance transfer tips that will help you make wise decisions when choosing a new card.

Credit cards offer great advantages, but also disadvantages. Before applying for any type of credit card, it is suggested you familiarize yourself with the benefits of credit cards.

**Consumer Alert - FICO has recently decided to drop authorized user accounts from the credit scoring formula.

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