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Types of Checking Accounts - There are a wide variety of different types of checking accounts. Learn about the various offers.

Free Checking Offers - Free checking accounts are one of the most popular types of accounts. However, very few checking accounts are actually free.

Check 21 - Speeds up the check processing for creditors, saving them billions of dollars in transportation and processing costs.

ChexSystems - A scoring system that determines what kind of risks new bank account applicants are.

Overdraft Protection - The bank guarantees payment of your checks as long as you have sufficient funds in any one of your other accounts.

Checking Account Fees - Familiarize yourself with all the different types of cost associated with checking accounts. Learn what you should do if you are being charged fees erroneously.

Avoid Checking Fees - If you plan carefully, many of the associated costs can be dodged.

ATM Information
ATMs - There are literally millions of ATM machines located all over the world. They allow you to have access to your cash 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Automated teller machines also allow you to check your account balances, make transfers between your accounts and/or deposit funds.

Fees Associated with Automatic Teller Machines - ATMs are an excellent for obtaining money while on the go. However, the fees associated with withdrawing your money can be quite steep.

Debit Cards - When opening a new checking account you can be certain that your bank is going to provide you with a debit card. These cards provide you with extended flexibility when looking to make payments for purchases via the money in your checking account. You can also use debit cards for withdrawing money from ATMs (automated teller machines).

Protecting Your Accounts

Banking Online - You can do many things via online banking. A few of the more commonly performed transactions include, viewing your accounts and statements, transferring money, paying bills, viewing and printing images of canceled checks, etc..

Analyzing Statements - Your will receive a monthly account statement from your bank. This will provide you with a thorough breakdown of your account activity for a specific time period. It is very important that you review your statement to ensure that the bank's record's correspond with the yours.

Patriot Act Compliance - Banks are going to be asking you provide a great deal more of personal information when you open a new account.

Keeping Your Money Safe - Familiarize yourself with what "Member FDIC", otherwise known as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Is Your Bank Safe? - Features information that will help you determine whether or not a bank you are potentially interested in opening an account with is in good financial standing.

Banking Relationships - What you can do make sure that your relationship with your bank is the best it can be.

Debit Cards

Using Your Debit Card Wisely - Tips on how you can enjoy the benefits of debt cards smartly.

Debit vs. Credit - Which type of plastic better for you?

Questions & Answers Related to Debit Cards - Understand some basic concerns related to debit cards and how they work.



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