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Star Loan Services, Inc. is a leading online loan and credit arranger that specializes in providing personable service from the time you fill out an application up until you close your loan!  We have been processing online home, car and personal loan requests since 1998 and have assisted thousands of consumers accomplish their goals.

All good and bad credit types accepted for instant loan approvals!
Bad credit OK! Bankruptcy OK! No credit OK! Slow credit Ok!

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 Personal Loans

Need some extra money? We offer instant approval unsecured loans for people of all credit types...including bankruptcy and no credit. You can use your loans for whatever your needs are! Borrow as little as $100 to as much as $2,500! Some of the more popular unsecured loan products we offer include: boats, motorcycles, jet skis, vacations, weddings, loans for students (including loans for nursing school), small business, and MORE!

Apply for a personal loan and get the cash you need, without putting a strain on your day-to-day living expense costs!

Use our personal loan calculator to determine how much you can afford!


Your credit history and score are the most impacting variables for determining what kind of risk you are when applying for any type of loan and credit. It is very important that you make sure your information is being reported 100% accurately and up-to-date! You don't want erroneous or misinformation to hurt your chances for loan or credit card approval, or the interest rates or terms you receive. Stay on top your personal situation!

Obtain a free credit report copy today!

We also offer instant online access for:
     - single credit reports
     - 3-in-1 credit reports
     - credit monitoring system
     - Compare all 3 products!


Low rate car loans for people with good and bad credit! Utilize a 100% financing program no matter if you are buying a new or used car. We have auto loan programs for all budgets and credit types! We will get you behind the wheel without breaking your wallet. Use your financing to buy from your local dealer or for a person-to-person purchase. The entire process takes less than 24 hours to get you behind the wheel! Apply today!

Good and bad credit auto loans are available for as little as $1,000 to as much as $100,000.

**Attention students with no credit! Our loans are designed to help first time buyers develop strong credit histories! Account activity reported to all 3 credit bureaus, every month!


No matter if you are a first time home buyer or an existing homeowner in the market for an equity loan or refinance product, we will help you get the loan you need, at the lowest rates possible! We offer a wide variety of mortgage products for every need and intent! Use the equity from your home to pay for college, make home improvements, consolidate your debt, or whatever your needs are!

Minimal closing costs and long lock-in periods featured. Obtain a free quote for any of the loans we offer without having your credit report pulled!

Wide variety of loan products offered including mortgages for people with bad credit!


Are you having a hard time getting ahead of your high interest credit card debt? Are your accounts in collections? Get back on the path of financial relief by enrolling in our debt consolidation program. We will develop a plan for you that will help you achieve your short and long-term goals. As a member, your debt will be combined into one payment, with reduce or eliminated interest rates! Get a free, no obligation quote today!

In addition to helping you get out of debt, we will teach you how to manage your finances to prevent future debt issues from occurring.



We feature a variety of good and bad credit card offers. Get rewarded for your spending by applying for a card that offers free airmiles or even gas rebates! Many great deals on balance transfers! Transfer your high interest debt to a lower rate card today that offers 0% introductory APR!

Great deals for students with no credit! Build a positive credit history! Check out the Discover Student Classic!

Get the spending power you need! Instant approvals available for all featured cards!

Apply for a credit card today!


Most people with bad credit need some solid educating about how credit works and what they can do to ensure that they build and maintain good credit.

Section features information on how to rebuild your credit and even establish credit if you never had one.

You can also learn how to avoid damaging your credit or making bad credit worse.

 Managing Money

Controlling your money is one of the most difficult things to do in life.

Budgeting is a crucial practice to follow and takes time before you can consider yourself a master.

Learn a multitude of ways on how you can save money in your everyday living without dramatically changing your routines. Get money savvy!


Unfortunately, much of hard earned money ends up in the pocket of the government in the form of paying taxes. Do you understand who has to file taxes? Are you familiar with the tax process?

Getting educated about how taxes work can help you better prepare  and ultimately save money every year.

 Checking Accounts

If you work, you likely have a checking account. If you don't have one, you should get one. Learn more about the different types of checking accounts.

There are many great benefits of checking account. But you should learn the in-and-outs so you understand the fees involved and what type account is best for your needs.

StarLoanServices provides loans in all 50 states!
(AL) Alabama,  Alaska (AK),  (AZ) Arizona, Arkansas (AR),  (CA) California, Colorado (CO), (CT) Connecticut, Delaware (DE),  (FL) Florida, Georgia (GA), (HI)  Hawaii, Idaho (ID), (IL) Illinois,  Indiana (IN), (IA) Iowa, Kansas (KS), (KY) Kentucky,  Louisiana (LA), (ME) Maine,  Maryland (MD), (MA) Massachusetts  Michigan (MI), (MN) Minnesota, Mississippi (MS), (MO)  Missouri, Montana (MT), (NE) Nebraska Nevada (NV), (NH) New Hampshire,
New Jersey (NJ), (NM) New Mexico,  New York (NY), (NC) North Carolina,  North Dakota (ND), (OH) Ohio,
 Oklahoma (OK),  (OR) Oregon, Pennsylvania (PA), (RI) Rhode Island, South Carolina (SC),  (SD) South Dakota, Tennessee (TN), (TX) Texas,  Utah (UT), (VT)  Vermont, Virginia (VA), (WA) Washington,  West Virginia (WV) Wisconsin (WI), (WY) Wyoming


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