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Our featured credit monitoring program offers tools that will assist you in aggressively monitoring, managing and protecting your credit file and personal information. When enrolled you will be able to easily identify and swiftly take action against fraudulent doings.

Tools for managing your credit are also available. These resources will enable you to make wise credit and financial choices.

Below  is a summary of everything you get when you enroll in the credit monitoring program:

Copies of your credit report and scores from all three bureaus
Not only will you get a copy of your credit score and file from each of the three major each credit reporting agency, you will receive detailed instructions on how to read your credit report as well as a glossary to help you understand all of the credit report terms. Contacts of all your creditors are provided, including addresses and phone numbers.


Evaluation of your credit score
The credit monitoring system will determine your credit value based on your credit score and report as well as by factoring in the most common variables creditors use when determining credit approval. The positive and negative factors that affect your score will be summarized, allowing us to give you tips and suggestions for improving your score.

Debt Analyzer
Featured are interactive tools that will help you see what the positive or negative affect on your credit score can be when you settle all or some of your debt, increase credit lines, create more debt, applying for a credit card or loan,  ect..


Fast notifications of fraud! Helps prevent identity theft!
Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world, costing American consumers billions of dollars ever year. Our credit monitoring program will identify fraudulent activity early, allowing you to take action before your credit is hurt.

Here is how our fraud alert system works:

1. Your credit report will be reviewed every day by our system.
2. Alerts will be sent to you via email, phone, mail, and or text message when new accounts are opened with your personal information. The quicker you are notified, the faster you can take the appropriate steps for rectifying the problem/s.

Identity Theft Insurance
Our credit monitoring program offers up to $30,000 reimbursement for expenses that occur as a direct result of identity theft. You can be paid up to $500/week in wages as a result of time you have take off to settle the fraudulent activity. You are also entitled to attorney fees and any other costs that arise from the identity theft.

Credit Experts
Our credit experts are available 24/7 to answer any questions you have regarding your credit. They can also provide you with tips and information on how to improve your credit report and score. ENROLL TODAY!

The pages below will help you better understand credit reports:
The Importance of Getting a Copy of Your Credit Report Once a Year
Learning How Your Credit Score is Computed
Understand the Information on Your Credit Report
Resolving Errors on Your Credit File
How You Can Improve Your Credit Score
The Impact Of Credit Inquiries on Your Score


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