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regrettably, some financial mistakes do more than ding your credit. Some can damage it for a long period of time. Below are some of the more common blatant credit mistakes people make and advice for paving the road back to positive credit.

Late Payments - Your history of making timely payments is one of the most impacting factors in regards to credit scores and as a deciding factor for lenders and anyone else that pulls your credit.

Account in Collections - When you neglect to pay your bills, your accounts will be sent to a collection agency.

Court Judgments - One of the most negatively impacting effects on your credit report, staying listed for seven years.

Foreclosure - When you can not pay your mortgage, the lender will eventually foreclose on your home. Meaning, they take possession of the property.

Bankruptcy - Filing bankruptcy should be a last resort for those looking to clear up their debt problems.

Too Much Debt - Using too much of your available credit card limits will result in a negative impact on your credit score.

Late Payments - Paying your bills timely is one of the simplest methods for keeping your credit in good standing.










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