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Do you know what your credit rating is?

If you don't know your credit score, we recommend purchasing a copy of your credit report before applying for any type of mortgage or loan. You can learn more about the role your credit plays when it comes to getting approved for loans.


Good & Bad Credit Home Mortgages, Refinancing & Equity Loans!
Star Loan Services, Inc. is a leading online mortgage provider that specializes in providing personable service from the time you fill out an application up until you close your home loan!  We have been processing online mortgage requests since 1998 and have assisted thousands of consumers achieve their goals; whether it be obtaining a loan for a first time buyer home purchase, saving money by refinancing or getting some extra cash with a home equity loan or line of credit.

We will get you a first or second mortgage loan you need fast, at the lowest rates possible! Bad credit OK! Bankruptcy OK!
Star Loan Services has the advantage of operating within our lending network to find you the most competitive, affordable rates possible. We specialize in closing loans in 5-7 days and are able to provide all of our mortgage products to people with bad credit, borrowers who do not intend to occupy the property, loans with minimal or no down payment, and so on. We do not provide income verification for most products and offer flexible payment options for every available mortgage type.

Receive a free consultation and get an instant pre-approval without running your credit report in a matter of minutes!

Star Loan Services provides multiple loan programs for all budget types!
We will put together a custom mortgage for you that is affordable, while satisfying your personal needs. We provide interest only loans, 15, 30 and 40 year fixed loans, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Loans and jumbo loans / non-conforming mortgages for all of the loan purposes listed below.  

Home Purchases - 100% financing available for all home purchase loans!
  ---First Time Home Buyers - We can make the dream of owning a home a reality even if you have no credit, slow credit or bad credit!
  ---Moving Into a New House - Get approved for a new home loan even if you recently experienced bankruptcy. Use one of our many bridge loan programs if you are buying a new home before you sell your existing home.
  ---New Home Construction Loans - Build the house of your dreams! Do the construction yourself, or hire a contractor. Build on undeveloped land or tear down existing property!
  ---Buying a Vacation Home - Build family memories in your second home! A vacation home is a great investment!

Refinancing - Take advantage of low rates and refinance your mortgage. You can save money and/or get the cash you need.
  ---Debt Consolidation - Eliminate high interest rate credit cards and unsecured debt by refinancing.
  ---Lower Payments - Stretch out the term of your loan with a lower interest rate.
  ---Get a Fixed Rate - Adjust an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) into a fixed rate loan. If you have a loan that is based on Prime, you need refinance today. Prime is forecasted to raise 1/4 of point every quarter/year for the next few years.
  ---Get Cash from Your Home - Refinancing will lower your payments and free up equity from your home to use as you wish!

Home Equity Loans - Get money from the equity, or value, of your home. Use the cash for whatever your needs are. Below are a few popular home equity loan types. Borrow as much as 125% of your home's value! Equity loan interest is tax deductible!
  ---Home Improvements - Get the money you need to make much needed home repairs or improvements.
  ---Consolidating Debt - Get rid of high interest debt!
  ---Paying for College - Funds your child's education.
  ---Get a Line of Credit -  Pay for  continuing projects and purchases. A home equity line of credit gives you the power to borrow any amount of your line, at any time!

Learn more about the benefits of the lines of credit and equity loans we offer!

Each applicant we work is assigned their own mortgage specialist that will offer guidance and support the entire time. Star Loan Services will do whatever we can to make your mortgage process as stress-free as possible. APPLY NOW FOR ANY OF OUR MORTGAGES!

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**Before applying for your loan, begin  pre-application preparation to ensure approval and optimal rates.



Loans are not guaranteed approval.

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