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Is your child going to start college soon? Are you concerned about how you are going to pay for tuition? Don't worry about denying your children the education that they deserve! You can use the equity from your house to fund your child's schooling! We provide equity loans for as much as 125% of your home's value. Loan program terms available from 5 - 30 years. Get more info about the 125% home equity mortgage loans we offer.

What are the benefits of paying for education with financing received from a home equity loan?
Equity loan rates are lower than the interest rates of student loans. Also, you really do not want to put the burden on your child of having to pay-down student loans once they graduate. Your child's life is going to be hard enough as soon as they enter the 'real world'.

Another tremendous advantage of utilizing home equity loans to pay for college is the tax relief you receive from the interest of the loan. Most people are not aware that the interest rate associated with home equity loans are 100% tax deductible.

Are there any obligatory credit factors that must be met in order to apply for home equity loans?
Your FICO score must be 500 or higher in order to be considered for approval. Bad credit is OK as long as you do not have an active bankruptcy.

How long does it take to get the money from an equity loan?
Typically, closing times of home equity loans are about one week from when your application is submitted.

Support your child's education with an equity loan!

Learn more about the equity loans and lines of credit we offer.



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