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Get your credit score before you apply for your home purchase loan!

Before submitting an application for any type of home loan, we suggest you obtain your credit report online.  Your credit plays an important role when it comes to home loan approval and the mortgages rates you receive.

100% financing home loan programs available for people with no credit and bad credit! Star Loan Services offers a wide variety of home purchase loans to choose from.

Get a Home Loan With No Money Down Regardless of Your Credit History!
Star Loan Services provides good and bad credit low rate home loans. Whether you are a first time buyer, moving into a new home, building a new home or buying a vacation home, we will get you the cash you need, hassle free! 100% financing available. Apply for a home purchase loan and get approved today!

Why choose Star Loan Service for you home loan?
1. We specialize in closing all of our home purchase loans in 5-7 days.
2. Able to provide home loans for people with poor FICO scores.
3. No income verification.
4. No down payment needed! We offer good and bad credit home purchase loans programs that do not require any cash at closing. 100% financing available even for no credit and bad credit!
5. Competitive rates. We will custom tailor a low rate mortgage that fits your budget.
6. Flexible pay options. We have several different loan programs for you to choose from!

Multiple good and bad credit home loan programs to choose from:
Purchase Power Loan - Apply Now!
This type of home mortgage loan allows you to obtain an approval for your home loan before you even start looking to buy a house. The Purchase Power Loan is more powerful than pre-approvals.
Interest Only Home Loans - Apply Now!
Great if you are looking to buy more home with less money.
15, 30 and 40 Year Fixed Interest Mortgage Loans - Apply Now!
Perfect if you plan on staying in your new home for a long time.
Conforming Loans: Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Loans - Apply Now!
For those with decent credit looking to borrow less than $417,000.
Non-Conforming Loans - Apply Now!
Got bad credit? Difficulties proving income and assets? This is the loan for you!
Jumbo Loans - Apply Now!
For those looking for long-term fixed interest loans for more than $417,000.
--- Dual Mortgages - Apply Now!
This type of mortgage can help you eliminate PMI if you plan on borrowing more than 80% of the sale price of your home.
--- Bridge Loan - Apply Now!
This type of loan is ideal for new home owners looking to start financing their new home before they sell their current home.

Helpful home purchase information:
House Buying Guide
Determining What Fair Market Value Is
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Question to Ask Before Making an Offer
Making an Offer on a House
Learn What the Tax Advantages of Homeownership Are
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Home Inspections
Home Warranties

Compute Potential Payments!
Use the mortgage calculator to compute what you can expect your monthly loan payments to be with different loan amounts, terms and interest rates. We also offer a calculator that will determine how much your annual salary must be in order to make your mortgage, tax and other debt payments.

Get more info on how to manage mortgages. This will help guarantee that you are paying as little as you have to for your loan.

Buyer's Tips!
When buying a new home, it is important that you are aware of some common home selling scams. This will help you avoid becoming a victim by purchasing a home that is worth its price.

Star Loan Services offers programs for RV home loans. We can help you get on the open road, in the motor home of your dreams. Loans available for good and bad credit.

Florida Mortgages - More Info on buying vacation home mortgages.




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