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Buying a home will probably one of the biggest steps in your life. Buying a home a major financial investment. You need to be educated so that you become a familiar with everything involved with the home buying process...from finding the area you want to live, determining how much you can afford to negotiating with the seller.

Let us help you! We have put together the material below to help prepare you for making that big purchase! If you have any questions, please contact us.


Evaluating the Costs of Homeownership
Understanding the Housing Market
Calculating Mortgage Payments
Determining if Your Salary is Enough for the Loan You Want
Buying a Home in Florida

Home Purchase Guide - Article with information that helps reduce the stress of home buying. Features tips and tricks on how to find a home for your needs, at the lowest price possible! '

Pre-Application Preparation - Following the simple tips on this page will help make your home loan process much smoother.

Buy, Don't Rent! - Renting is throwing money out of the window. Analyze your financial situation and determine if buying a home makes more sense.

Spouse Have Bad Credit? - Just because your spouse has a poor credit history does not mean you can not get approved for a home mortgage.

Effects of Credit Card Debit - Having significant credit card balances will result in you receiving a high rate for your loan.

Student Home Loans
Mortgage Mistakes

Fair Market Value - Information that will help you determine what a fair price for a home is in a specific area.
Buyer's Market or Seller's?
Pre-Offer Question to Ask
Making an Offer

Ensuring a Fast Purchase

Escrow Accounts

Putting No Money Down

Mortgage Scams - There are a variety of common scams that will result in both buyers and sellers being taken advantage of.

Home Inspections - There are different types of home inspections. They cover different aspects, but are all important.
Home Warranties A good home warranty will not only give you piece of mind, but will potentially save you thousands!

Selling your home? - Features articles that will make you a savvy home seller. Learn what you can do help ensure that you sell your home during the winter. Be educated on how removing clutter will make your home more appealing.


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