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Over the years, the amount of clutter that builds up does not become apparent to the homeowners. However, it will affect how potential buyers view your home! Getting rid of junk is not easy for many people because of the emotional ties they have with their belongings. But it has to be done!


You want to create as much open space as your possibly can. This means getting rid of unnecessary stuff sitting on shelves, counter tops, as well as stuff taking up space in drawers, closets, your garage, attic and basements.

Kitchen Clutter
Remove everything off of the counters, including your toaster and coffee maker or any other kitchen appliance. Put these items in a closet and take them out only when you are going to use them.

Also, clean out your cabinets and drawers. Potential buyers will likely open up closets and drawers to make sure that there is enough room for their liking. Having pantries and/or draws jam packed creates an ugly site and sends a negative image. Again, the best thing you can do is create as much empty space as you possibly can.

If you have dishes, pot and pans, or any other kitchen appliance or product that do not get used often, put them in storage!

Also, if you have an overstock of food in your pantries, start using them! Doing so will create open space. Also, when you do move, you are likely not going to want to be bothered with transporting these goods to your new home.

Cleaning under your sink is also very important. Remove any extra cleaning supplies to ensure that it is clean as possible beneath. You will want to thoroughly wash down the area as well. Doing this will help you spot any signs of water leaks that would cause leeriness for any potential buyer. If there are leak marks, either fix them, cover them or paint over.

Closet Clutter
It is likely that every closet in your house has some sort of clutter build up in it. This means extra shoes, clothes, outerwear, etc.. Things you hardly wear, but think you will one day. We suggest you take all of these items, put them in a box for a few months. If you still have not worn any of the clothes, donate them!


Also, if you have an abundance of shoeboxes stuffed with old items and/or paperwork, get rid of it! Buy a filing cabinet, or if possible throw some stuff in the garbage!

Furniture Clutter
It is very common that homes have too much furniture in some rooms. Too much furniture can create a feeling of tightness. Remember, open space is your goal! 

If this is the case for you, try and get rid of some of your furniture. A good idea would be to either donate it, or rent a storage compartment for until you move into your new home. 

Storage Area Clutter
This mean getting rid of all of the junk and clutter from your attics, basements, garages, sheds, etc.. Anything that is not essential should be removed and either thrown out, or put in a storage facility.

In conclusion...
Cleaning up your home is not easy. If you are leery about throwing stuff out, have a garage sale!



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