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Proper money management is one of the most difficult things for people to do. Even when a budget is developed, it is hard to stick to. Star Loan Services offers information and advice that should help you become a smarter person when it comes to managing your money. We also feature articles on how to teach your children how to be financially responsible.

Learn how to control your finances today!

Why you should budget - Outlines some of the more basic ideas of why budgeting is a good idea.

Developing a Budget - Determining where you are spending your money is the first step to gaining control of your finances. This is called budgeting. Learning how to budget will teach you where you can 'cut-back' in spending and what habits spending habits need to be altered. A budget is very important if you are looking to have absolute control of your finances so that you can save for your future!

Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Budget - Features information about some common mistakes people make when developing a budget.

Preparing for a Financial Emergencies - Learn what you can do to better prepare yourself for dealing with money issues.

Giving Your Child an Allowance - One of the most effective means of teaching your child about managing money is by giving them an allowance. Information featured on when you should start dispersing an allowance and how much money should be given and how often.

Teaching Your Child About Credit - It is important that you teach your child financially responsibility before they go to college. Why? Going to college without any credit experience is very dangerous. Therefore, unless you are going to be paying and mailing in all of your child's bills and/or following them around so that they spend wisely, teaching them about managing money is crucial!

Saving Money - Saving money can change your life. However, in order to save, you are likely going to have to change the way you live.

Wasting Money - See how easy it is to squander your hard earned cash!

Savings/Investing Calculator - See how much money you can earn just by saving a small portion of your salary on a month-to-month basis. 

Trimming Expenditures - A dollar here, a dollar there...goes a long way!

Cut Grocery Store Costs - Small changed made at home will result in big savings at the store!

Car Saving Guide! - Learn how to get the best deals on a car and auto insurances! You can also save get educated on how to save money when buying gas and while commuting

Checking Accounts & Your Money - Consumers are getting charged more than ever before for their checking accounts. Combine that with the cost of debit card transactions and automated tellers, it can be difficult keeping tabs on how much money is actually in your account.

Financial Strategies - Just like you keep up with the latest fashion styles, you need to m to your fashion likes, you need to sustain your money management skills with your lifestyle.

Money Spending Challenge - Take the challenge and see how you spend your money and what you can do to make your cash last!





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