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Is your money situation tight? Below are a few suggestions on what you can do to cut down your monthly expenditures and bills. Some of these tips may not work for you, but there should be a few that you will be able to utilize. We invite you take the 'spending money challenge'!


Transfer Credit Cards to One Account
Most credit cards have interest associated with them. A good idea would be to look in to applying for a credit card that offers a 0% APR interest rate for balance transfers. This will save you a great deal of money on a monthly basis and allow you to pay-off your credit cards at a quicker rate. Be aware that every credit card offer is going to be different. Do your homework and find a credit card that is right for your needs.

Be a Smart Shopper
Avoid impulse buying. Do your research! Check out deals from multiple stores and/or websites to ensure that you get the lowest price possible! This may take some time, but saving money will be worth the effort! Rather than doing impulse buying, you will usually save a considerable amount of money by looking around for those better deals. The money you save as a result of finding good deals will leave you with extra money for you to use to pay off credit cards or to save for investing, or whatever your needs are!

Reduce Your Bills
This means cutting back on utilities like heating, cooling, lights, water, etc.. When you are not home, adjust your thermostat cooler or hotter so that you are not wasting money making an empty home comfortable as if you were there. This may be easier for some than others. Do the best you can.

You may also want to consider changing your cable TV plan to a less expensive one. In fact, any home or cell phone or auto or home insurance plan should be shopped around to see if you can receive better rates.

Even if you save a few dollars off each, the total saved can add up to a significant amount!

Avoiding Eating Out
Eating out costs a lot of money. Eating home will save you money. Also, there is nothing more healthy than a balanced home cooked meal! Also, when shopping in the Supermarket, make a list with you before you go. Not preparing a list will likely result in you buying stuff you do not need or do not normally ear. In addition to the money saved, eating at home allows everyone to have more family time together.

Keep Track of Where and How You Spend Your Money
It is very common for families to not track every penny being spent. Try tracking and analyzing where every penny is going for two or three weeks. You will likely see lots of areas where money is being wasted. Tighten up your spending habits and continue to track where all of your money is going! This will allow you to make wise decisions and save!

In conclusion....
As you become more aware about where you spend your money, and what you can do to save money, you will soon find yourself finding other ways to save even more! It starts by being conscious and making a concerted effort to change!

** Car Owner Saving Tips! - Learn how to save $$ buying a car and purchasing car insurance! We also teach you to make your gas last while commuting!



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