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With the high price of gas, learning how to save money in commuting is very important. Below are some basics money saving tips:

-- The shortest route does not mean the fastest or the cheapest! Try changing the route you take. You may be able to find a route that is a little longer in commute, but less stop-and-go. The less stop-and-go the more gas you save.

-- If you can, work from home. Not only will  working from home save you money in gas and wear and tear on your car, there are many great tax benefits you can receive from working out of your house.

-- Try and find alternate means of commuting to work. Are you close enough to walk, or bike?

-- Does your town offer a carpool matching program?

-- If it is convenient, utilize public transportation.

-- If you are using mass transit, try and purchase multi-ride discount packages. You can probably buy a weekly, monthly or yearly pass for whatever public transportation service you use.

-- Find out if your employer will provide you with a discount on train and/or bus passes.

-- Find out if your auto insurance carrier will reduce your premium if you do not drive to work everyday.

-- Make sure your credit report is accurate. Meaning there are no errors and your information is 100% current. An accurate, positive credit report will mean lower auto insurance rates. Get a copy of your credit report here.



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