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Getting credit when you have no credit can be hard! However, getting approved for no credit auto loans with Star Loan Services is easy! We are ready to help people turn their no credit histories into positive ones! In fact, an auto loan with no credit is one of the best methods of establishing a strong credit history!

Get the financing you need!

What are the requirements for receiving approval for no credit auto loans?
The main basics for obtaining financing are minimal:
1. Must have a job.
2. Must be able to provide proof of income.
3. Must be eighteen years of age or older.

Why does Star Loan Services make it easy for people that lack any credit history to get approved?
You secure your financing with the vehicle that you are buying. If you neglect to make your payments, you are going to have the car repossessed. So, make sure that you are buying a car that you can afford so that paying your monthly no credit auto loan never becomes an issue.

What kind of interest rates are associated with no credit auto loans?
Because applicants that lack credit are considered 'high risk', rates are going to be slightly higher than rates associated with good credit. However, the rates you receive are going to be better than poor credit. Typical interest rates for no credit auto loans can be between 7-8%. These rates will be influenced by where you live, what kind of vehicle you are buying and whether you are purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle.

How long does the entire financing process take, from start to finish?
As soon as you submit your application, a Star Loan Services no credit auto loan specialist will be in touch with you. Once contact is generated, several different loan programs will be discussed with you. We will help you select a loan amount and term with a monthly payment plan that is appropriate for your budget. Once a loan is selected, you should be able to get the cash you need within a day or so.

Submit a request for an auto loan with no credit now!

**Looking to leave a down payment for your car, but have no cash? You can apply for a no credit check loan for as much as $1,000.

Car loan help:
Examine the car loan glossary to familiarize yourself with basic terms associated with auto financing.

We also offer some great advice on turning a no credit history into a positive one.



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