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Featured on this page are links to articles detailing some of the more basic issues and topics related to car loans. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Types of Car Loan Programs Offered by Star Loan Services - Familiarize yourself with some of the more popular financing programs we offer. We provide new and used car loans for all makes and models of vehicles for purchases from dealers or private sellers. Multiple financing programs for all credit types including those with bad credit, no credit and for those that have recently experienced bankruptcy! We also offer great programs for students!

Becoming Upside-Down on Your Auto Loan - This means owing more for your car than it is worth. Learn what you can do to avoid become upside-down on your loan.

Cosigning a Car Loan - Thinking about being a loan co-signer. Learn what your responsibilities are going to be.

Loans for Lease Buy-Outs -  At the conclusion of your lease, you will be offered a buy-out offer. Meaning, you will be presented with a price that you can now buy your car for. Star Loan Services offers low rates for lease buy-outs.

Buying Your Child a Car - Provided are some tips as to what you should look for in a vehicle when buying your child's first car. Remember, its about safety first!

Avoiding Repossession - If you do not pay your car loan, your vehicle will be taken away from you by the bank or  institute financing your loan. Learn what you can do to avoid having your automobile repossessed.

How Much Should I Finance? - Determine how much you should leave as a down payment for your new car purchase. You can also use the car loan calculator to help determine what you can afford.

Choosing an Auto Loan - Auto loan rates are currently the lowest they have ever been. It is very smart to utilize a car financing program instead of buying a car outright. However, choosing the right car loan is not easy. Featured is information that will help you get the best rate for your investment.

Your Credit & Loan Rates - Your credit plays a very important role in the auto loan interest rates you receive.

Car Loan Terms - Learn some basic terms related to auto financing.

Teen Drivers - A recently conducted national survey found that teens talk on cell phones, speed, sing and even dance while driving. This is a major problem, but unfortunately comes as no surprise. What can be nothing more than having some fun, can often become a life-or-death decision while driving.

Although we help people with all sorts of credit issues get approved for loans, we do not offer a guaranteed approval.



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