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Star Loan Services teaches you the in-and-outs of new cars. We will assist in the car buying process, helping you choose the best car for your needs and budget. We will also teach you how to get the best interest rates.

Browse the various articles below. If you have any questions, please contact us.

 - Check Your Credit - You don't want to put your approval in jeopardy because of negative marks and/or erroneous information!

 - New Auto Loan Rates - Information that will help you achieve the lowest rates possible for your new car financing.

 - Benefits of Buying New - Learn what the pros of buying a new car are, as opposed to buying used.

 - Understanding Depreciation - Your new vehicle purchase decreases in value the second you drive out of the dealers lot. Learn how this effects you long-term.

 - Auto Depreciation Calculator - Compute the actual dollar amount your car goes down in value over time.

 - Current New Car Loan Interest Rates - Features easy to read comparison tables of the latest new car interest rates offered by Star Loan Services.

 - New Auto Loan Calculator - Calculate what your monthly new loan payments can be by computing different loan amounts, terms and interest rates. Doing this will allow you to figure out what you can afford as a monthly payment for your new car loan.

Learn more about the new car loans we offer.



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