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There is a great deal of pride in owning a new car. Not only are you the sole owner, you have selected all of the options and colors of the car that you wanted. These are some great benefits of buying a new car. New autos have additional benefits.

Minimal maintenance
New cars do not require much maintenance. You will not need to get a tune up or oil change for the first several thousand miles of ownership. You will also not need to replace brakes, tires, batteries, exhausts, etc. for quite some time. In fact, many manufacturers will cover the cost of replacement for these parts as well as the cost of routine maintenance for the first couple of years of car ownership, or even longer.

Warranty coverage
New vehicles offer great warranty coverage. Most manufacturer warranties are good for at least the first three years. During your coverage time, you are protected from any mechanical issues that arise. The dealer or manufacturer is responsible for the cost of making any repairs.

'GAP' insurance
You can purchase gap insurance with new cars. Learn what gap insurance is.

'Lemon Law' protection
New cars are protected by state 'Lemon Laws'. This means that if you can prove that you car is a lemon, you are entitled to receive a brand new replacement car, or a refund of the money you used for purchasing.

Roadside assistance
Most new cars will come with a roadside assistance package for the same amount of time that your warranty coverage is good for. Roadside assistance is great if your break down, or if you lock your keys in your car. If you ever need help, all you will need to do is call a provided phone number to receive free assistance. A mechanic is usually dispatched within minutes of your request.  Roadside assistance also includes providing you with a free 'loaner' car while your car is being fixed.

New car loans have lower interest rates
Lower interest rates means you will save money in the cost of interest over the life of the loan. Star Loan Services offer new auto loans for people with good, bad and no credit. Students looking to build credit are even eligible for new car loans. Learn more about loans for new cars.

In conclusion, buying a new car has great benefits. On the contrary, buying a used car will save you money, as well as other advantages. You will need to evaluate the pros and cons of each and see if buying used or new better fits your needs and personal preferences.


New car purchase tips:
When you are buying a new car, you are going to be offered the choice of a lower interest rate for your loan, or a rebate from the manufacturer. This is decision that should be carefully analyzed.

Also, remember that dealers are always going to look to get the most money out of you. Accepting auto financing from a dealer is going to likely cost you more than if you utilize auto loans offered by Star Loan Services.

Did you know that certified pre-owned cars have many of the same benefits and protections as new cars? Learn more about the different types of auto loans offered by Star Loan Services!



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