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Buying a car is an investment. Purchasing an auto warranty is the best way to to protect your investment.

What is an auto warranty?
An auto warranty is a service contract that ensures that the costs to make costly repairs are paid for by the warranty provider, not the car owner.

Are you one of the many people that think that there car won't break? According to, 'a typical 3 year old vehicle has 60 problems per 100 cares'.

Anyone who has owned a car knows that having your vehicle repaired is expensive, especially newer cars. The standard price to fix an air conditioning system averages around $900! The cost to repair cars in expected to increase about 40% in the next five years! That air conditioning costing $900 to repair today, will cost you around $1,200 in five years! However, if you have an auto warranty, the entire cost of the repair will be covered.

Below is a list of the major car components and their average cost fix:
  -- Starter - $325
  -- Oil Pump - $525
  -- Radiator - $420
  -- Air Conditioning System - $825
  -- Brakes - $850
  -- Onboard Computer - $925
  -- Transmission - $2,000
  -- Engine - $2,500

In addition to saving money, auto warranties offer the following additional benefits:
  -- 24/7 roadside assistance
  -- Free towing
  -- Reimbursement for car rentals
  -- Travel interruption protection

A commonly ignored advantage of warranty coverage is that a car still under warranty has a much greater resale worth.

You can buy an auto warranty direct from and

Get your FREE extended auto warranty quote!



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