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Need some extra cash? LET US HELP YOU! Star Loan Services, Inc. has been processing applications for good and bad credit loans since 1998 and have funded millions of dollars, to thousands of customers. Borrow as little as $100 to as much as $2500.

Bad Credit, Bankruptcy & No Credit ARE ALL PROCESSED!
That's right! We welcome individuals of all credit types to apply for personal loans. Our lender network allows us to offer secured and unsecured personal loans for people with bad credit, at the lowest rate possible! Acquire the second chance you necessitate!

Before you apply for your personal loan.....

Before you submit an application for any of the loans we offer, we suggest you get a copy of your credit report to eliminate the chance of having erroneous information listed. Making sure all of your info is correct will ensure that you receive the best possible interest rates and loan terms.

** Also, getting a copy of your credit report will help protect you from identity theft.

Not sure what your credit rating is? Learn more about how the credit bureaus differentiate the various credit types.

Bad Credit Personal Loans
Are you in need of some cash but don't believe you can achieve approval as a result of a damaged credit rating? We can help you get the bad credit loans you need and start your path to repairing your credit! We specialize in giving people the second chance they need with bad credit personal loans.

No Credit Loans
It is very common for financial institutions to identify consumers with no credit as high-risk. Being marked as a high-risk applicant can make it tedious to get approved for any type of credit or no credit loan. How do you establish credit if you can't get credit? We offer variety of no credit loans for people with no credit that will help develop a strong credit rating in no time!

Loans After Bankruptcy
A bankruptcy is one of the most impacting things you can do on your personal life. It is short-term relief for eliminating debt. However, getting approved for loans after bankruptcy is going to be difficult. We feature more than a few loans after bankruptcy that will help you regain control of your life and credit history. Getting approved for a loan after bankruptcy is not as difficult as one may think.

Unsecured Loans
If you are looking for some money and are either a renter or a homeowner that is not interested in a second mortgage, then unsecured loans are for you! These types of loans provide great borrowing power without have to use any sort of persona property as collateral. Unsecured personal loans allow you borrow against your signature alone! There are a wide range of available loan programs for every budget and you can use your unsecured loan for whatever your needs are.

Line of Credit
A line of credit works similar to a home equity second mortgage. You are given a line of credit to use at your will. Its a reusable source of funds. so, if the amount of available cash you have from your line of credit is $10,000 and you have used $5,000 of it, you still have another $5,000 to use whenever you want. A line of credit is perfect for people that are necessitate money for projects where the cost is undetermined until the conclusion of the product.

Debt Consolidation Loans
Does your outstanding debt bring you down financially and mentally. You can eliminate your debt issues by applying for debt consolidation loans. Debt consolidation loans allow you to combine all of your high-interest debt into one payment with a lower interest rate. Instead of having to worry about having to make multiple payments every month, you only have to be concerned with one. There are programs for debt consolidations loans for good and bad credit situations.

Secured Loans
Secured loans have some advantages over unsecured loan types. Being that you are securing your loan with some sort personal property, borrowing amounts tend to be more generous and interest rates are usually lower. Secured loans usually come in the form of second mortgages. However, if you are a renter, you can secure your loan with any type of property that is accepted by our loan network.

Student Loans
Are you looking to get an education but do not qualify for financial aid? We offer student loans that offer that chance to not only finance your education, but help you buy books, pay for dorming, etc.. We also offer repayment flexibility for our student loans. Meaning, you can choose to start paying your loan back when you are done with school. This will eliminate the stress of having to worry about paying student loans while trying to learn.

Business Loans
We have business loan programs that are specific for start-ups and specific for those looking to expand their grow their existing businesses. We want to help make the dreams of running your own business a reality and our business loans are designed to do just that. We offer low rates and generous borrowing amount. No plans are needed for your business loans!

Signature Loans
When you apply for signature loans, you are guaranteeing payment of your loan with your signature. Signature loans work in the same manner as unsecured financing in the fact that no collateral is needed. You can use your signature loan for whatever your needs are and borrow as much as $2500.



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