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Featured on this page are links to articles and topics related to personal loans. Reviewing these pages will help you understand how personal loans work. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Types of Personal Loans Offered By Star Loan Services - Lists some of the more popular unsecured loan programs we offer. Please note that we can help you secure financing for any purpose.


Types of Loans to Avoid - No matter how desperate you are, you should steer clear of the financing options listed on this page.

Personal Loan Tips - Following the information listed in this page will help prepare you when applying for a personal loan.

How Much Should I Borrow? - Learn how much to borrow for your needs

How Long Should I Borrow for? - Determine what the best loan term for your purpose is.

Personal Loan Calculator - Figure out how much you can afford for your personal loan by calculating what monthly payments will be based on different interest rates, loan amounts and terms.

Line of Credit vs. Lump Sum - The unsecured loans we offer allow you to receive your cash in one lump sum, or as a line of credit that you can be used at your convenience. Determine which is best for your needs.

Being a Loan Co-signer - Co-signing a loan for someone is risky business. They obviously have credit issues if they need someone to co-sign for them. Learn all the dangers involved with being a loan co-signer.

Benefits of Secured  Loans - When you apply for a secured loan, you are guaranteeing payment by using some sort of collateral. As a result, interest rates and terms associated with secured loans will be lower.

Unsecured Loan Info - Get more information about the in-and-outs of unsecured financing.


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