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Most lenders label people with a lack of credit as high-risk, thus making it hard to get approved for loans and credit. So, how do you get credit, if you have no credit? Having no credit is like a double edged sword and can be very frustrating...NOT ANYMORE! Star Loan Services is able to help people with no credit get approved for various types of no credit loans!

Start building a positive credit history with by applying for any of the no credit loans that we offer!
Your loan payments will be reported by Star Loan Services to all three major credit bureaus every month. As a result, your responsible credit behavior will be reflected in your credit score, turning your no credit history into a positive one. Be careful though! If you fail to make your payments on time, in full every month, your credit score will be negatively effected. It will be very hard for you to turn around a credit rating that went from non-existent to bad. We also offer additional information on how to establish a positive credit history with no credit.

Customized, affordable no credit loan programs for every applicant!
As soon as you submit your loan request, you will be contacted promptly. A no credit loan specialist will analyze your situation and budget to provide you with a loan that will satisfy your cash wants without putting stress on your wallet. Once a loan is agreed upon, you can receive your cash the next day! APPLY NOW!

What kind of interest rates and terms you can expect for no credit loans....
Your interest rate will be influenced by the amount you are looking to borrow, and for how long. No Credit loans are available from 1-6 years. There are no pre-payment penalties and you can borrow up to $2500.

We take pride in helping individuals with no credit get on the right path!



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