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Once you have determined what type of equity loan program is right for your needs (equity loans or lines of credit), you need to calculate how much you can borrow. You can estimate your borrowing power by analyzing the amount of equity you have.

Ultimately, how much you home is appraised for is going to determine the final available borrowing amount. However, the amount you can actually have access to is going to depend on several variables: how much debt you have, how much money you make, what kind of credit you have, etc..

Star Loan Services grants equity loans and line of credit for as much as 125% of your home's vale. Learn more about 125% equity loans.

We require no minimal withdrawal amounts and offer multiple loan terms. You will have unlimited amounts of withdrawals during your loan term. You will also have the option to renew your credit line once your loan term expires.

You can get access to your credit line by using credit cards, checks, or both!

Once your loan expires, and you decide not to renew your credit line, you will have to pay your balance in full. However, if you decide to renew your loan, you can carry over your balance during the life of your new loan term.

Star Loan Services offers great rates for good and bad credit home equity loans and lines of credit! Get the cash you need today!



Application Tip!
If you feel that your home has been valued less than it worth, there are things you can do for fighting home assessments.



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