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The amount of people enrolled in nursing school has reached an all time high! The costs of tuition, room and board, books, buying a computer, etc., adds up very quickly...making it hard for many nursing students to pay for their education. Let us help you! Star Loan Services offers a wide variety of financing programs, making it easy for future nurses to get the education they deserve!

Student Loans for Every Budget & Credit Type!
Federal, Private and Unsecured Lending Available!
Our large lending network allows us to offer Federal and Private nursing loans. In addition, we also offer unsecured student personal loans for funding your education. We will help you secure instant financing no matter what your situation is! We can help you even if you have bad credit or no credit! Simply apply for a student loan. Upon application submission, we will review your information and find you a loan that is most appropriate for your needs and situation!

When apply for a loan with Star Loan Services you have the option of financing your entire education at once, or you can choose to secure the cash you need in semester intervals, or annually! Loan amounts for education purposes range from $1000 - $25,000. You don't have to start paying back your loan until one year after graduation! Generally, you will have up-to ten years to repay your loan. Please note that we offer a student loan consolidation program that will help you reduce or eliminate interest rates and loan obligation amounts.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

The Requirements for Getting a Loan To Pay for Nursing School are Simple!
As mentioned, poor credit or a lack of credit will not prevent you from securing the financing you need! Sole requirements for approval consideration are: you must be employed, eighteen or older, and a citizen of the US.

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