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Banking necessitates various methods for protecting consumers, themselves as well as national security.

There are a wide variety of  features to your relationship with your bank that you probably never even think about. will detail the fundamentals of banking online, how to interpret your monthly banking statements, how your bank must must meet the terms of the Patriot Act, how you can keep your own privacy safe, how the FDIC protects consumers, and what you can to ensure that your bank is in financially secure. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Online Banking - More and more business are allowing customers to pay their bills online. Setting this up with your bank is easy. All you need to do is register the bills you would like to pay online with the accounts you want to use for paying them.

Analyzing Statements - Your will receive a monthly account statement from your bank. This will provide you with a thorough breakdown of your account activity for a specific time period. It is very important that you closely go over your statement to ensure that the bank's record's correspond with the yours.

Patriot Act Compliance - You can anticipate that your personal information is going to be requested by banks when opening new accounts. However, as a result of the terrorist acts of 9/11, and banks are allowed to ask questions that may seem quite intrusive.

Safeguarding Your Money - One of the most prominent symbols in the banking industry is "Member FDIC." This stand for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. They insure deposits of nearly every U.S. bank and loan and savings institutions up to $100,000 per customer (individual or business) in the event of a bank failure. Retirement accounts are insured for as much as $250,000.

Is Your Bank Safe? - aim to educate, hoping to help consumers learn how to manage and keep their finances in check. However, consumers are not the only ones that need to keep close tabs of their finances, banks do as well.

Banking Relationships - Sustaining a positive relationship with your bank is just as vital as selecting the one to do business with.



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